Monday, June 7, 2010

All about me

Well here i go, writing my first post in my new blog. Look at me go!!

I have created this space mostly as a way to have regular updates on my life and workings as a visual artist and also to keep a document the more significant happenings in my humble life.
As for who i am and what i do... i am a secondary school teacher by trade teaching; Visual Art, Photography and Textiles and Design at a creative arts high school in Sydney. I am only relatively new to the teaching game (a few years in) and i am still ironing out the wrinkles in my working life but on a whole i love what i do and i relish the challenges and joyous experiences my work presents me with.
I also practice as an artist and try to exhibit my work whenever the opportunity presents itself, and lucky for me that has been pretty regularly lately. My artwork is mostly textiles based but i dabble in painting and drawing when i can. I have been lucky enough to work with a very inspirational artist group called 'the art tree' these last few years and they have given me the confidence and opportunities to exhibit and sell my work alongside a great range of other established and aspiring artists. Our latest exhibition Together opens June 17th at Studio 4 (see art tree website for more info


  1. Just saw your work for the first time on link with The Quilt Show, Ricky Timms and Alex Anderson. I am totally intrigued and want to try this.
    How do I subscribe to your blog?

    1. Hi Susan,
      Sorry about the slow reply - I'm still not very good a the whole blogging thing and comments seem to slip past me unnoticed. Thanks for your lovely comment :) it made my day. As for subscribing to the blog I think you need a Google account and then it's a simple as clicking the follow button. Failing that hopefully this article will help you: