Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gallery opening reflections and pending travel

last week our recent art tree exhibition opened at Complete Framing Gallery in North Manly. The opening was a great success, as they always are. It was packed full of people, great company, old friends and good food. What more can you ask for? Well I suppose a sale would be nice, but plenty of time for that. It was great to catch up with people and see their new work. So many people have gone in new exciting directions and produced great work. Feels great to touch base with the art world a little bit again. I have felt very stale lately and need a good kick to get me going again. Seeing everyones new work was just the push i needed to get myself thinking about my next body of work.

The two pieces that I have included in the show area actually works that I created while back at uni at COFA ... but i have only had them framed in the last year. These pieces started their life as an instillation artwork where I had many small oval disks mounted directly onto the wall. After their first showing at my Uni Grad show in 2005 they have been sitting in a box under my bed slowly being forgotten. I rediscovered them when i was showing a friend a dyeing technique and I remembered that that I had used the technique in that series of works. I pulled them out from under the bed and they loved them. Straight away they suggested that; 'these are great, you should have them framed'. So, always being one to take good advice I put them into series of 5 and had them framed. I must say i was quite happy with the result, I wish I had of thought if it sooner ... i wonder what other art treasures are collecting dust under my bed?

On another note, next friday i am off on an overseas adventure to South America. This long awaited trip will take me to Ecuador, The Galapagos Islands and Peru. Can't wait! Looking forward to some serious trekking, diving and doing lots of other stuff along the way. Hopefully this trip will help to get my art making hat back on and inspire lots of new work! Nothing like seeing a different culture and breathtaking scenery to get the creative juices flowing.

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