Friday, March 16, 2012

A very productive week

So with two exhibitions looming I am defiantly feeling the pressure to make artworks like never before. usually pressure and deadlines can stump me creatively and as a result artwork production becomes very slow and I get all frustrated and cranky - and little artwork is created at all. The show at painters gallery asked for around 12 large works and this is a pretty tall order when one of the larger works can take me weeks to complete.

However this last few weeks I have found my groove and spun into a creative sewing frenzy. I have been doing long days, many hours at the machine (my poor eyes and back) and feel like I am finally getting through the work and getting towards the goal of enough pieces to fill the exhibition space. Some pieces I have had framed while others are mounted ready to go off to the framers when I get a spare day. I don't know what has brought on this great run of productive energy but I am loving it and hope I can keep it up. I have a pile of other bits and pieces in process in the studio and I have lots more ideas and sketches of future works. Only 6 weeks until the show opens!

Some of the framed and mounted pieces that are currently gracing my lounge room floor
Bits and pieces in the studio awaiting completion

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