Sunday, August 12, 2012

Last min prep and stairway sanding

My solo exhibition 'Etherial Threads' opens in three days and I am currently in a flurry of last second preparation. There are still a few freestanding sculptures to finish, the resin work must be sanded and polished and I need to photograph and catalogue all the new pieces. I always get a little buzz of excitement before I set up a new show. It is the time when all the work comes together and is presented beautifully. I get to see all my efforts up on a wall in a gallery rather than just a stack leaning against the wall in the studio.

Sanding the resin - my least favourite job
Sanding on the front doorstep

I set up the show tomorrow and then I am giving myself a day off before the opening night on Thursday! here is a sneak peek at the new resin work and some small embroidered bowls I have been working on. 

New resin pieces

new resin pieces in wooden boxes

Star coral embroidered bowls

Etherial Threads
16th August - 9th September 2012
7 Beaumont St Islington
Opening night: Thursday 16th August 6-8pm

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