Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Filming day ....

Today was a very fun and exciting day! Today I got to get a sneak peek into the world of television production. Let me tell you that those TV production people work really hard.

A few months ago at the Sydney art expo I touched base with the crew of the popular TV show 'Colour in your life'. As a result of that encounter I was lucky enough to be invited to star in one of their episodes. So today the crew came to the studio to film a show about little old me and my artwork. What a delight!

In the week leading up to the shoot I have been trying to beautify the studio. I couldn't believe all the stuff I had managed to store in my little studio and when faced with the challenge of 'tidying it up' I found I had a very large task ahead of me. I seemed to have managed to cram stuff into every little corner and crevice of the studio - which wasn't very nice to look at. Luckily with the help of a friend (who it turns out is quite the visual merchandiser) I managed to whip the studio into a visually tantalising creative space that I was proud to call my own.

The man behind 'Put some colour in your life' and the face of the show, Graeme Stevenson, is a very warm and playful gent who puts you at ease straight away. It was so easy working with him all day, I almost forgot the camera was there (I had to be reminded to look at the camera on several occasions). The production team behind the show consists of the fabulous Sophia Stacey from MaZuma productions who does all the filming, sound, lighting, make up and anything else that needs doing on the day. Together they work like clockwork setting things up and making things happen; it seems like a very well oiled machine.

Unfortunately today was a very hot and humid day and my little studio (which was filled with all this extra lighting and people) turned into a bit of a hot box. I think I was bright red in the face for most of the day ... fingers crossed it doesn't come across in the final edit. I really felt for poor Sophie who was filming between a bunch of very hot lights (didn't i mention that these people work hard).

All together they shot about 3-4 hours of footage that will be whittled down to a 24 min episode. We looked at my whole art making process from drawing the design to sewing the piece, dissolving it and then shadow mounting the finished piece ready for framing. I hope that the episode will answer all the  questions you may have about my work and process. It has been such a fun day and needless to say I am very excited about seeing the finished episode.

Sophie Stacey and I
Graeme Stevenson and I

The show is due to be screened in Australia during January 2013 on Channel 4Me (Channel 74). Check the Colour in your life website for more exact screening dates and times.

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