Friday, June 14, 2013

The natural world = constant inspiration

It's no surprise that most of my artworks are inspired by nature. I find the details, structures and surfaces of natural objects, animals and plants completely fascinating and I am an avid collector of natural treasures. Seashells, seed pods, interesting leaves, gum nuts, feathers and sea sponges ... these are just a few of the things that I collect and hoard in the studio to use as inspiration for future work.

I am working on a new exciting series of pieces - but it's still very early stages. So I though I would share with you a few images of natural beauties that I have found recently.

I hope you find them inspiring as well.
Moth cocoon

A heart shaped seed pod I recently found

Hydrangea leaf skeleton

Macro shot of coral - photo by felix Salazar

Macro shot of star coral - photo by felix Salazar

Peacock feathers

Microscopic view of sand

Detail of Mushroom coral

Underside of an Amazonian waterlilly - Image by Victoria Cruziana

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