Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Mandala series

Introducing my new series of embroidered artworks - 'The Mandala series'. 

I have always had a fascination with mandala's and their spiritual and ritual associations. I remember a trip I took to Melbourne many years ago where I was lucky enough to witness a group of four Tibetan monks working on a sand mandala in the middle of federation square. I was amazed by the focus of the monks and the detail of the mandala that was painstakingly being constructed from sand. Since then I have always sought out mandalas in their various forms - both traditional and otherwise. While I am not going to get to deep into the rich history and theory behind mandala's I want to explain that the mandala represents the universe and is often used as an aid to meditation. 

This series uses the circular shape of the mandala filled with complex embroideries. Some of the pieces are one ongoing network of stitches to form a complex design while others are many smaller embroidered pieces that are arranged together to form their own mandala circle. I have always seen my work as a type of mediation, when I sew I get into a type of focused state where everything else dissolves away except my work and the needle. While these pieces have been some of the largest and most complex pieces I have ever made I am very proud of them.  

These pieces will be exhibited at the Melbourne Art show August 23 - 25th 2013.

Mushroom Coral Mandala, embroidery thread on paper, by Meredith Woolnough

Mushroom coral mandala (detail) By Meredith Woolnough

Ginko Leaves Mandala, embroidery, pins, glass rods on paper, by Meredith Woolnough
Ginko Leaves Mandala (detail) by Meredith Woolnough

Cluster coral Mandala, embroidery thread, pins, glass rods on paper - by Meredith Woolnough

Cluster coral mandala detail - by Meredith Woolnough

Star coral mandala, embroidery thread, pins, glass rods on paper, by Meredith Woolnough

Star Coral Mandala (detail) by Meredith Woolnouogh


  1. You are definitely the master of this craft. I have been using this technique for many years but my pieces are so basic compared to your art works. I'm glad I was told about you.