Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Palau - an inspirational place

I recently married my high school sweetheart, and as a result of this fabulous bonding of two souls … I got to go on a honeymoon! Now a honeymoon is probably the most important holiday one ever goes on and you want to make it super special. Most people splash out and go somewhere extra special or extra fancy, blow the budget on a nice hotel and fancy dinners. Now while that all sounds lovely my new hubby and I prefer a more active kind of holiday which is why we chose our fabulous honeymoon destination. Palau!

When we said to most people (our travel agent included) that we are going to Palau for our honeymoon the most common response we got was "Ummm …. where's that?" Most people haven't ever heard of the place, but if you do happen to stumble across someone who has been there they instantly light up and explode with praise for the little country and it's many wonders. I don't want to give you a history or geography lesson about the place (that's what Google is for) but let's just say it's the most beautiful and amazing country I have ever been to (and I have been to some pretty amazing places).

We spent just over two weeks in this beautiful, and rather untouched country. A large chunk of that time was spent kayaking and snorkelling around the rock islands, camping on the beach, scuba diving and soaking up the amazing diversity that is on display.

Here are a handful of pics from our holiday which will give you a bit of a taste of Palau and our adventures. I am currently bubbling over with inspiration from this place and I hope many new artworks will stem out of this trip.

'The Milky Way' Palau - Photo by Matt Glaze
Jellyfish - Palau
Free diving - Palau
A little limestone rock island - Palau
Snorkelling the 'big drop off' Palau - Photo Matt Glaze
Blue holes - Palau Photo by Matt Glaze
Freediving 'Fairyland' photo by Matt Glaze
Manta Rays at 'German channel' Palau - Photo by Matt Glaze
Campsite - Photo by Matt Glaze
The ruins of a Japanese building on Peleliu - Palau Photo by Matt Glaze
Sunset on Carp Island - Palau
The worlds tiniest hermit crab - Palau
Rock islands - Palau
Palm trees - Palau
Crabs at the campsite - rock islands Palau
Snorkelling at Jellyfish lake - Palau
Ruins on Peleliu - Palau
Blue corner - Palau
Giant coral fan - Palau

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