Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Autumn leaf

While I have been working with leaf shapes and designs for a few years now I have always used very dark, muted colour schemes - like dried and dead leaves. But I do love the bright colours that leaves turn, especially in autumn, so I felt it was time that I used this as inspiration for some new work.

So in my most recent leaf work I decided to work with a bit more colour - a lot more colour in fact.

This new piece, aptly titled 'Autumn leaf' used 7 different thread colours ranging from a vibrant yellow through to a bright red. I got a bit sneaky with how I stitched the piece so the colours are blended to achieve a seamless gradation of colour.

'Autumn Leaf' (2014)
Embroidery thread, pins and glass rods on paper.
Size: 70 x 100cm (unframed)

Mounting the Autumn leaf

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  1. Hello Meredith,
    When I win the lottery I will buy a big piece of your work. In the meantime, I just look at it and think how wonderful it is. I'm a newish textile artist in the UK and I've put a link to your website on www.janerobinsontextiles.co.uk
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.