Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Little Ginkgo studies

I love Ginkgo leaves … it's no secret. They have been the subject of many of my artworks over the last few years and they will no doubt continue to inspire my work for years to come. 

This new trio of works are my newest interpretation of this golden plant. Each of the pieces are multilayered with overlapping leaves. This creates a lovely layering effect and adds a greater sculptural element to the work.  

These pieces will be on show at my upcoming solo exhibition at the Milk Factory Gallery in July. 


  1. ¡¡¡Bello, muy bellos trabajo!!! ♥

  2. I have never seen anything so beautiful before and curiously excited to know what knotted embroidery entails to create such a tangible and wondrous amazement!. Your work is incredible and only wish I could be at the exhibition to marvel at your creations.

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