Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Embroidered Bowls

Blue coral bowl and Red Coral Bowl - By Meredith Woolnough

As a result of winning the 2014 Emerging Artist - Craft minor award from Craft NSW I have been invited to exhibit my work in their wonderful showroom in Sydney for six months. I am delighted to have the opportunity to exhibit in such a prestigious gallery and wanted to make some work that extra special for the event. I wanted to create something that was a bit different. Something that would challenge me. Something that would be exclusive to Craft NSW.

My goal was to work in a more sculptural way, moulding my embroidery into specific shapes and pushing my process to it's structural limits. This range of embroidered bowls are the results of hours of experimentation and play in the studio. Each piece is inspired by a naturally occurring structure - such as coral fans, tree branches or radiating flower petals. Each bowl is unique and has been painstakingly moulded and stitched into shape.

Embroidered Bowls by Meredith Woolnough

This range of bowls, along with some of my framed pieces, will be on display and available for sale at Craft NSW from 5th January to the 5th July 2015.

104 George Street, The Rocks, Sydney
9:30am - 5:30pm (open seven days) 

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