Monday, April 20, 2015

Studio details

My studio is a very special place for me.
It is my place of creation and solitude, where I can escape everything and just focus on myself and my work. It is really important to me that my studio is a comfortable place, like a second home. So I have filled the space with things that I love. Plants grace the windowsill and hang from the roof, collections of natural curiosities and family heirlooms crowd the shelves, often arranged under glass domes. Everything has it's place and purpose.

I recently had the wonderful Gez from Gez Xavier Mansfield Photography come to the studio to do some promotional photos for me. While I was being beautified for the shoot he ran around and snapped the bits and pieces around my studio to fill in time. From the random stuff on my shelves to the bowl that holds my thread scraps, Gez has captured all of the little details beautifully. It's not hard to see why he is such s a great wedding photographer; Gez manages to capture all the little details and puts them together so that they tell a story.

To see more of Gez's work check out his portfolio here:

All images in this post owned by Gez Xavier Mansfield Photography © 2015


  1. Love the glimpses of your studio - thanks for sharing the beautiful photos.

  2. Thank you for this. You have a wonderful studio. I love all your work.

  3. Beautiful studio and beautiful work. But I am nosey what's in the work box.

    1. It's a sewing box Sonja, full of haberdashery supplies. :)

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