Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Stitched Specimens

Last year I created a range of tiny embroideries inspired by various structures found in nature. You have probably some of these works before on my Facebook page (if you follow me there), but I thought I would share them here as well. 

Some of the sources of inspiration for these 'stitched specimens'  should be pretty obvious, others are a little more subtle. I drew upon various plants, corals, molluscs, and even microscopic organisms for ideas but took some artistic liberties with the colours. Playing with colour has always been fun for me. 

Each piece is mounted in much the same way as an insect specimen, pinned out on tiny pins so the embroidery seems to float in space. I framed each piece individually, creating some of my tiniest works to date. Each piece measures just 20 x 20cm and they stand up on their own or hang on the wall. They are very cute. 

I have had lots of fun creating these pieces and experimenting with the new shapes and designs. I hope to revisit this smaller format again this year with my new body of work. 

I'm not sure what form this new work will take just yet, but I am looking forward to the journey. 


  1. Hi Meredith, just watched your you tube video with Graeme Stevenson and absolutely love your work - so intricate and beautifully organic. I have been experimenting a little myself with mixed results but I guess it takes a long time to perfect. What I wondered though is how you create your larger pieces? Do you have a huge embroidery ring or do you create smaller pieces and stitch them together? Many thanks for your time and keep up the amazing work!